The key objectives of the BOSS project are:

  • Strengthening women in family businesses (especially those whose husband died and had to take over the business, who just started work, and who are students),
  • Evaluating the opportunities for equal opportunity and work-life balance,
  • Supporting women’s entrepreneurship in family businesses including leadership positions,
  • Encouragement of equal rights culture for men and women and saving the rights of women as equal as the rights of men.

The main activities we are planning to implement in the project are:

  • Study key competencies necessary for women for a family business and summarize them in BOSS framework,
  • Develop and test a training material with interactive online toolkit for women in entrepreneurship,
  • Arrange practical workshops for women in partner countries,
  • Build women in business community in form of online network to ensure a sustainability.

As a result of activities, the women are expected to:

  • Increase the capacity of managing, leadership, skills and competences,
  • Developing skills of taking risks, competitiveness, and entrepreneurship and by this way support the women to gain the vision of managing the future with new work like new investments,
  • Increasing the skill of managing conflict,
  • Develop digital skills,
  • Creating awareness about the family businesses and important competencies for business.