Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Education Association which offers a wide range of school and VET education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. FU-Uppsala has around 120 permanent employees including administrative staff and teachers. Around 300 employees are working on freelance basis. Through the cooperation with other FU offices in Sweden, FU-Uppsala has a national coverage. FU was registered in 1954 and is nowadays a leading organisation in Sweden in provision of Education. Further Folkuniversitetet administrate 17 schools around Sweden. Specific expertise and social context: Folkuniversitetet International department has been initiating
several national and European projects under the theme “Integration”, “Labour market inclusion” “Entrepreneurship” specially targeting newly arrived.

Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics of State University of Trade and
Vinnytsia Institute of Trade and Economics of State University of Trade and Economics holds a leading position in the field of economic education and is the only educational institution in the Vinnytsia region that has Quality Management System Certificate in higher education ISO 9001. Today, the Institute is the recognized scientific and educational center of the Vinnytsia region, which trains highly qualified specialists in the following fields: Accounting and Taxation, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Economics, International Economic Relations, Management, Public Management, Business, Trade, and Stock Exchange Activities, Information systems and technologies, Food Technology, Social Security, Hotel and Restaurant Business, Tourism, Law and Philology. The teaching staff (around 150 permanent employees), more than 80% of which is Ph.D. and doctors of sciences, preserves the unique scientific potential and long traditions and provides students with a high-quality education for decades. Also, the teachers of the Institute are certified in PBL, GBL, and Inclusive Education and have considerable experience in conducting training, coaching sessions, masterminds, and mentoring programs. The number of students at the Institute is about 3500. VITE SUTE offers formal education and non-formal education for school students and adults.

The International Women’s Organisation in Malmö (IKF Malmö)
The International Women’s Organisation in Malmö (IKF Malmö) is a non-profit organisation independent of religion and political ideologies. IKF Malmö functions as a meeting point and a platform for equality, democracy, and inclusion while it is developing workforces, skills and networks. The organisation has been working for foreign-born women in the region of Öresund since 1970. The International Women’s Organization in Malmö was a pioneer for other International Women’s Organisations in Sweden and is a co-creator of Internationella Kvinnoförbundet, the international organisation at the national level.

Ilmiofuturo is made up of an innovator team in the field of Lifelong Learning System, with the aim to support people in their personal and professional growth. In today’s complex world where rules and roles change continuously, Ilmiofuturo supports people in reaching a proper personal self-fulfilment condition. It promotes transformative learning processes addressed: to people on key skills in order to make them “activated and inspired”; to trainers/teachers on the design and the implementation of learner-centred teaching approaches. Ilmiofuturo also works on research and innovation of the learning processes implementing complex projects. Over the last three years, Ilmiofuturo implemented over twelve international projects on the learning processes innovation topics.

TechCreas – Technology and Creative Sectors Enterpreneurship Association
TechCreas – Technology and Creative Sectors Enterpreneurship Association is a non-profit association set up for the development of creative sectors and usage of technology in creative sectors. Main aim of the association is to provide contribution to policy making for the development of creative industries; Setting up structures to gather the related actors together to ease their cooperation to support their art and commercial success and to create new ideas; Increasing capacities to develop the companies in creative sectors locally, nationally and internationally; Providing practical
support to create awareness about creative sectors and the variation of enterpreneurship opportunities. TechCreas is taking part in different EU projects related with technology, innovation, creative sectors and enterpreneurship.

Rinova is a learning and development company which specialises in cultural, social and economic innovation. Its overall mission is to foster inclusive learning, responsible entrepreneurship and promote employability skills and civic participation, with an emphasis on the exploitation and development of learning technologies to foster social inclusion. Rinova Màlaga S.L. offices are based at the Polo Digital business incubator centre in Málaga since 2018, but the team works across Spain, with strong links to stakeholders and target groups in Valencia and Barcelona, as well as across the EU. Its specific competencies are focused on digital content development and creative learning technologies for inclusive learning in VET and adult education.

Coordinamento Donne nel Mondo
The association was founded around the idea of encounter and dialogue between people and especially women of different cultural traditions, to support them in times of difficulty (violence of all kinds: verbal, physical, psychological, sexual, economic, gender and racial), to guide them in their careers and in understanding and collaborating constructively. One of the main objectives is to promote women as the engine of society’s development, thus ensuring gender equality: the CDM aims to support women in difficulty, restoring their dignity and bringing them back to the centre of attention that their role has always deserved. Another cornerstone of the Women in the World Coordination is interchange and intercultural dialogue. The association, in fact, aims to promote interculturalism, the exchange between different (but complementary) countries and ways of being.

STEP Institute
STEP Institute is an innovative private non-profit organisation dealing with people development. We are based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. At the heart of the organisation is a core team of interdisciplinary experts, who work along with different external trainers and experts. Our members are educated in the fields of psychology, the economy and sociology, so we address complex challenges through an integrated approach. Some say we are bridge builders: we help to bridge the differences between education and work, business and public sector, scientific approach and practical experience, start-ups and big organisations. Our mission is to empower people for better functioning in work environment through innovative methods. We help people to discover and nurture their talents, develop professional and soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, mentoring, coaching etc.) and realize entrepreneurial ideas into marketable solutions. On the other side we enable organisations to realize their potential by engaging its employees, developing new skills with train – the – trainer approach and enabling effective collaboration through team coaching sessions. We are focused on the innovative national and European projects that bring added value to the final users. More complex is the topic, bigger is our dedication to produce high quality results. Through intensive work with private sector we learnt that only professional approach, focus on final user and reliable results lead to long – term partnerships. Either with NGO’s, schools, universities, associations and companies on European level or target groups of teachers, students, members of disadvantaged groups and potential entrepreneurs on national level.